Thursday, March 26, 2015

Traveling with Kids. (alternate working title: Graying Early)

Currently the Slater family is headed down to Chicago, a roughly six hour trip by car (don't get any ideas, robbers! My mom is house sitting. She once threatened to snap the necks of my guy friends if they tried anything. Case our home at your own risk). Would you like a little snapshot of how its currently going? Sure you do! Come, join me on the journey of Dan and Emily's collective melting brains.

11am: Get in the car. Congratulate yourself that its only an hour past the absolute latest time you wanted to leave. That's basically like leaving early! Pass out snacks before you even leave the driveway. 

11:10am: (oldest child) "Are we in Chicago?" Umm, nope. Not even close. Do you seriously not recognize this landscape that we pass every single day? 

11:30am: (oldest child) "I want to be at Chicago. I want to be at Bree's house." And we will be! ...five hours from now.

11:35am: (middle child) "Are we there yet?" Seriously, you now? 

11:41am: (oldest child) "I'm so tired! I just want to be there!" 

11:44am: (oldest child. WHY.) "UUGHHHH. I WANT TO GET THEREEEEEEE." More noises resembling the indecipherable grumblings of the short robber from Home Alone. 

11:46am: Cave and hand back cell phone to be fought over. 

11:47am: Baby wakes up. Do gymnastic type moves to be able to feed him his bottle and buy some more time on the road

11:50am: (one of the kids. At this point all the voices sound the same): "Are we there yet? Can we have another snack?" Pass out more snacks. Thank the good Lord for the silence and happy faces that this brings. 

12:00pm: (oldest kid): "I don't want this (snack) anymore. My stomach hurts. Are we almost there?"

12:01pm: Pray with a deep fervor that Science gets it's stupid act together and finally puts some serious man power into figuring out teleportation. 

Repeat, repeat, repeat. 


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