Tuesday, March 10, 2015

The first warm day

When I was in 3rd grade I wrote a little poem that was published in the local paper. It went something like this:

The best thing about Spring is that the snow melts
Flowers bloom
Baby animals are born 
But the very best thing about Spring is that the snow melts

 Hating winter is deep in my (achy, frozen) bones, y'all. It is not new. I felt it just as strong at 8 as I do at 26. 

Today in northern Michigan it hit 50 degrees. In October that would be a painful reminder that summer is behind us and winter is fast approaching, but in March? Oooh, girl. In March, its a sweet, sweet song. It beckons us to roll our windows down and forget our bulky coats. It calls for dancing in the tiny patch of grass in the front yard. Its so much sunshine that you're sure you'll be drunk on it or blinded by the end of the day (and it will still be there at 7:30pm and all you'll be able to think is, "Is the sun supposed to stay out this long? Its been winter for so long I don't know how it works anymore."). 

It is melting snow. 

(which 8 year old Emily ranks above baby animals. It is that good)

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