Saturday, September 19, 2015

Mabel, like a fox

Before bedtime, when the children are *supposed* to be getting ready to sleep. Mabel comes out to the kitchen, sans pajamas or teeth brushed or really anything that remotely looks like she is ready for bed. 

Mabel: "Dad, do you remember earlier today in the car when I said I was tired?"
Dan: "Yes."
Mabel: "And then I took a nap in the car (no she didn't), and when I woke up I was STILL tired?" (probably because she didn't actually nap in the car)
Dan: "Yes."
Mabel: "Well, I'm just really tired still."
Dan: "Okay, well it's bedtime so you get to go to sleep. Now go brush your teeth."
Mabel: "No, listen. Dad, I'm so tired."
Dan: "Okay, well it's bedtime   "
Mabel: "Yeah, listen. Since I'm so tired can I not brush my teeth?"


(the teeth got brushed)

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